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Lambda Calculus for mortal developers

Lambda Calculus for mortal developers

Lambda Calculus sounds like an arcane term that only functional programming wizards can understand. Nothing could be further from the truth. We use Lambda Calculus everyday when we program. It is the most reducible form of all Functional Programming languages; the primitive building block of Functional Programming.

The atoms of Lambda Calculus

Lambda Calculus is based on three basic building blocks: expressions, variables and functions, which are combined to form other expressions.

Variables are

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Setting up Scala on Android

Scala can be used to build Android applications, as an alternative to Java or Kotlin. Unlike them, setting up an Android project in Scala with SBT is not straightforward, and can give us some headaches to get it right. To show how this can be done, we are going to create new project template using the Android SDK Plugin for SBT.


Required tools

In order to develop Android apps in Scala, you need a minimum set of tools:

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The Rush Age

We live in the rush age. We are literally overwhelmed by the amount of things we have to do, both at work and outside it. We leave work and have a bunch of emails, Facebook notifications, tweets, text messages (among others), waiting for response. Even worse, we are in bed keeping an eye open looking at our mobile phone in case we get a new notification. This is ridiculous.

As software developers, the same thing

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Was it worth writing automated tests?

This post is not about testing techniques. There is plenty of information about this topic out there, and I feel that repeating the same things would be redundant. If you want to learn how to write automated tests properly, go and read Uncle Bob, Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, Sandro Mancuso and some others. They’ve been testing for decades and share their knowledge in books, videos and articles. Go and read/watch them!


So… what is the point?

If I don’t

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MVVM with Data Binding on Android

Now that Google has -finally- started working on a Data Binding engine, it’s time for me to start changing the way I use the Presentation Model pattern.

Why use Presentation Model?

It’s been talked a lot about this pattern, so I’m not going to re-explain the wheel. You can find useful references hereherehere and here. Very briefly, the main motivations to use this pattern are:

  • Moves the presentation logic into specific components.

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Hi everyone

This is the first post of my blog. I’m a software developer from Valencia (Spain). I almost like all kinds of programming, specially videogames/mobile programming. I’m currently focused on Android. I hope you will enjoy my posts!

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