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One game a week #1

I finished my first game jam. For real. This was my… fourth or fifth attempt to participate in a game jam. Previously, I would quit if I didn’t like the theme, or if I got something going on that didn’t let me focus on the game jam. I would also overscope, then quit as there was no way I could finish something on time. This was all wrong, as the whole point of a game

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Designing my first video game


Finally, after years of playing around with game development and making prototypes and unfinished games, I started making a real game that I will release in a couple of weeks. I wanted to explain what’s the design process I followed.

Prior to this one, I started another game a few months ago. It requires a lot of hand-crafted content to make it a viable game, and I felt that it

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The 4 pillars of game development

Making a video game involves combining very different disciplines together, varying from arts to technology. As if we had a palette and an empty canvas, we take some parts of each one, mix them together, and create a game. All of these areas are important. Even if some games minimise the use of some of them, the most acclaimed games usually shine at all of them.

Each of these disciplines can take

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My favourite excuses for not getting started in game development

I have been thinking about some of the most common excuses people (including me) make for not getting started in game development. Even having some truth behind, all of them can be easily countered. The excuses below are focused on indie development, although some of them also apply to pursuing a career at a games studio.

I’m sure there are more, but here are my favourite ones:

I don’t know where

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Getting into game development

After quitting my job at Codurance to work on my own projects, and considering different options, I decided to finally get into indie game development.

Wait, what about the famous indiepocalypse?

I know. The market is crowded, there’s lots of shovelware and discoverability is a problem. Indies make peanuts in average. All looks terrible. But, let’s look at the past, when has game development been easy?

Discoverability problems? Yeah, tell those folks how had to sell their games in

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